Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dad's Portraits

"A portrait affirms; it gives the gift of self to its subject. It says, 'Yes, you are worth spending this time over, your story deserves to be told, you should be recorded for you will not pass this way again."
-David Goatley 

I am currently working on several portraits. As always, I research other artists and their work in addition to using my own reference. It's funny how amazing portraits artists can inspire and depress me at the same time. 
The portraits artist who has had the greatest effect on my craft and my career is my dad, Charlie. People often ask if my dad taught me how to paint. I tell them that with his wealth of art supplies, art books, and original work at my disposal, how could he NOT?

So, I wanted to give my dad a little shout out. Here are just a few of his amazing portraits throughout the years.

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