Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Last year, as a part of Artisphere in Greenville, The Greenville Journal hosted an online art competition. Local artists' work was posted on the Greenville Journal Facebook page. Individuals could then vote (only once) for a painting or sculpture as their choice for Best in Show. I had two paintings in the show. "Garibaldi's"
Oil on Canvas
95"x 65"

"Billiard Players"
Oil on Canvas
30" x40"

"Billiard Players" received lots of votes but did not win the contest. "Garibaldi's" however, received more than 1,100 votes and WON the contest!! A few months later, TOWN magazine, who is owned by the Greenville Journal, decided to write a short article about yours truly.

Check out pages 56-57 of the December issue of TOWN magazine!!