Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The hands of John Singer Sargent

So... John Singer Sargent is my favorite painter, of all time. I have probably only mentioned it 1,000 times on this blog! He was an amazing draftsman. He had a rare ability to capture color and light. Even the greatest artists throughout history have a few bad pieces, but it seems as though everything Sargent touched ended up to be a success.

One aspect of Sargent's work that I really love is how he paints hands. Many artists are shy about drawing, painting, and sculpting hands. 
But hands are usually my favorite part of a piece of figurative art.

I enjoy studying Sargent's paintings. It is important to study and practice your craft. And studying his sketches is an awesome way to look at the notes left from a master's problem solving. 

One of the most amazing and frustrating things about Sargent is his ability to accurately capture shape with loose gestural brushstrokes. The painting seems so effortless. Yet, each line is intentional. There is nothing careless about it.

Really... is there anything better, in the whole world?

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  1. Good post...truly amazing painter of hands...and pretty much everything else!