Monday, April 29, 2013


As an additional fun event for the public to view, Artfields hosted a portrait contest. Much like American Idol or some other performing contest, all 30 artist had a brief period of time to create a portrait and impress a panel of judges. The models were all local farmers. After each round the field of artist would be cut in half and several artist would be sent home.

Portrait for Round 1
After an hour the judges told us all to stop. Our time was up. After a short discussion the judges called out the 14 names that would advance to round 2. And the very last name called... Charles Pate Jr.

Portrait for Round 2
The judges again cut the group in half. A lot of talented artists were being sent home. YIKES. Fortunately, my name was called and I was moving on the group of 6.

Portrait for Round 3
By the end of the third round I was physically exhausted. But I made the cut and would be in the final round. This final portrait would determine a winner.

Final Portrait
Unfortunately the judges did not pick mine for first place. But after a long day I had to be happy with how the competition went. And, there is always next year. 
I was very thankful to have Sarah there cheering me on. I was also amazed by how friendly all the judges, public, and fellow artists were. 
Congratulations to Joseph Begnaud, who took home first place! 
Check out his work and share the love.

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