Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Samson sculpture

This is a smaller sculpture I have been playing around with. Obviously it is incomplete. The figure is the Bible character Samson. 
Samson is given tremendous strength by God. However, Samson abuses his power and does not follow the rules that God has set in place. Being a Nazarite, Samson is not supposed to cut his hair. Samson tells his enemies that his hair is the source of his power and they cut it. Because Samson had abandoned Gods plan in many ways, God withdraws Samson's strength. Samson is captured and tortured. Eventually, Samson prays for one last opportunity to rectify his life. He regains his super power and pulls down the walls of the temple on his enemies and himself.
 I wanted to create an image of Samson in his darkest moment. I made him chained (though the chains are incomplete) I also thought it would make an interesting visual if Samson's body actually reflected  his loss of strength. So I made him emaciated and malnourished physically as well as spiritually. The chains are too big for his, now tiny, wrists. 

 Samson holds his head in his hand, feeling his hair, that is a reminder of how he has been cut off from Gods protection. 

Like Samson, everyone has dark moments. But God does not give up on us and everyone has an opportunity to make their lives right.

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