Friday, June 8, 2012


For a while now my dad and I have discussed the possibility of opening a second gallery. We love sharing the gallery and studio here in Greenville, but it serves best as a home base to invite clients to. We do not get a lot of foot traffic or window shoppers through our current location. As the Far West End grows I believe this will improve. In the mean time however, we wanted to open a place where we could reach a larger number of people.

My family has always vacationed down in Litchfield Beach. It is a beautiful piece of South Carolina coast. We also know a good number of people who also vacation or live there permanently. So we began looking for a spot that could become the future PATE GALLERY.

This is what we found...

A nasty old bar with dirty carpet, dirty ceiling, dirty walls, dirty everything.
My mom and my sisters are really the ones to blame(?) / thank for finding this place. Unlike the ladies, I honestly could not see how great it could be. But I got to work anyway. Along with a crew of guys (who actually knew what they doing), I began to strip wall paper, pull up carpet, cut out weak spots in the floor, paint, sand, and sweat. 

The work was hard but each step seemed to say "thank you" more than the last.

This is a picture of the heaviest carpet in the world.

Once all the heavy lifting was done we had a gallery. And it is BEAUTIFUL!! Inside and out!

The PATE GALLERY is located at 13089 Ocean Hwy, Pawleys Island SC. 29585
We are just in front of JDs Steak house (note the giant sign) and across the street from Eagles and the old Eggs up grill.


  1. Looks really great..nice job Pates!

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  3. Looks kinda tough, indeed. That carpet looks really heavy alright. Haha! Anyway, I think the biggest concern is to ensure that the whole surface area is all covered once you get in the business of keeping it sanitary and fresh. Good luck!

    Barry Chavez @ Carsons Cleaning & Restoration